The Best Commercial Real Estate Photographer in the Valley


Technology is always changing and new isn’t always better.  We spend everyday testing, researching, and operating ensuring we supply the very best photos for you and your clients.


Every Sin City Drone photo is taken by a FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot.  It’s the law, and we’re a drone business, so we certainly have it!


At Sin City Drones we believe safety always comes first.  From weather and airspace flight restrictions, to the hardware, firmware, and software on our equipment, we are aviation maintenance and operator professionals.

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  • Apartment Photography

  • Restaurant Photography

  • Hospitality / Hotel Photography

  • Retail Photography

  • Time Lapse Photography

Why use Drones for Commercial Real Estate?

The better the pictures that are taken of a property that is about to be listed, the better that people will understand what that property offers. We work as a commercial photographer, prepared to take drone photos of homes to help those homes sell. We offer our services to the Las Vegas, Nevada area, providing help so that real estate agents can get people interested in the places that they are putting up for sale.

The one who is thinking about buying a home wants to know how much property they are going to get with that place. They want to imagine their life in that home and on that property. The drone photography work that we do can help those people have images that they can look at to help them get to know a certain piece of property. The one who is thinking about buying a home wants to know how the place and its outbuildings are set up. We take pictures from above so that everyone can see just how the property is set up and just how it is going to work for them. Trust us as the commercial photographer right to handle any real estate droning job.