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About the Intriguing Summerlin


Summerlin is a fascinating neighborhood that lies in the heart of Las Vegas in Nevada. It is a fantastic area since our security is of top-notch standards. As a traveler, you will also enjoy arrays of recreational activities that we have. Additionally, we have magnificent sites that you can visit and make memorable moments. Our shops offer all the products that you need conveniently. What’s more, we have natural parks that you can take a walk to cool off your mind. Our population is at 123,950 people, and that means you will not experience any crowding. Visit us to discover what we have to offer.


It is the highlight of our gem Summerlin that makes it a world-class destination to visit. You can expect to cycle and have fun in our sophisticated roads. The best part is that you can go to the public parks that you can access with sheer simplicity. You will pick from over 25 community parks that pride in various facilities. They range from swimming pools, playing grounds, basketball courts, to barbecue areas. Additionally, our community centers harbor exciting events and children’s camps alike. If you are into hiking, you will be in for a tremendous treat. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the site that boasts of 26 hiking adventures.


We pride in top of the range of hospitality since Summerlin has the most beautiful hotels and resorts. Moreover, our accommodation comes as a full package. On that account, you will get entertainment, delicious food, casino games, and spa services. It means that you don’t have to walk for long distances to have the time of your life. Have a look at our state-of-the-art hotels that you can look out for and book. They have discounts for all tourists who intend to visit our superb town.

  • Element Las Vegas

  • Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

  • JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa

  • Suncoast Hotel and Casino