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Spring Valley is Just a Few Miles from the Las Vegas Strip

Spring Valley is an unincorporated town in the Southwest portion of the Las Vegas Valley. This is considered a fairly friendly and safe neighborhood. Some homes in this area cost millions of dollars. This town is technically considered part of Las Vegas. The diverse area covers 33 square miles. The Last Vegas Chinatown district is considered part of this region. The area is just two miles from the famous Vegas strip.

This is area is mostly flat land, and housing comprises most of the available space. Some residents prefer this town because the suburban neighborhoods are very close to the more glamorous parts of Vegas. This area has a diverse population. Some homes cost $10 million or more, and a few famous individuals like tennis player Andre Agassi call Spring Valley home. I think visitors to this area will probably want to visit the Vegas strip because it’s only a few minutes away, but there are many things to do within the boundaries of this town. GlowZone is a family-oriented indoor adventure center. Visitors can enjoy mini golf, laser mazes, bumper cars and mini bowling. They host children’s birthday parties and corporate events.

The Whisky Attic is a popular location for those who are interested in the popular drink. The business claims to have the most comprehensive collection of whisky in America. Visitors can taste whisky, scotch and bourbon during a hosted session. The location uses the Carmer Spirit Tasting Enhancement Method to bring out the unique flavors in each sample. Visitors in Nevada may want to check out Chinatown. This shopping mall has noodle bars, grocery stores and antique shops. Those who are interested may want to check it out specifically because the interior design is stunning. Chinese artwork and statutes line the interior, and the area definitely provides a unique experience for residents of Nevada.