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The Red Rock Country Club Offers Visitors a Luxury Golfing Experience

Red Rock is a country club situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. This exclusive area offers visitors a number of quality amenities, and the views are unlikely any other in Nevada. I think that this is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Las Vegas. The 738-acre property sits at the bottom of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Many people who live here enjoy using the two expansive golf courses. Famous golfer Arnold Palmer was the architect, and he designed the courses to be exciting and challenging. The Arroyo course is open to the public. This course starts near the canyon and eventually winds through the majestic area of Summerlin.

Visitors to the country club can dine at Palmer Lounge, Oasis Grill and the Cabana Grill. The community also offers a very active tennis club. Red Rock has the largest private tennis group in all of Las Vegas, and approximately teams compete during the main season. The country club offers different levels of membership. The golf membership costs $930 a month. Members get unrestricted access to the golf course and country club. They’re also given private access to the restaurants.

Executive members pay green fees, but they get certain reservation privileges. This membership costs $640 a month. The sports membership costs $380 a month, and this only provides access to the sports clubhouse and restaurants. The social membership is the cheapest option. Monthly fees are $195, and visitors get access to the restaurants. The country club occasionally hosts weddings and other special events. Visitors may also be interested in the spa services. I think this country club is designed for people who want a luxury golfing experience. The estates are the most beautiful part of the country club. 86 unique houses sit atop the golf courses, mountains and lakes.