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About Providence in Las Vegas, Nevada
Providence is a planned community in the Las Vegas area. John Burns Real Estate Consultants and RCLO consider this one of the 15 best master plan communities in America. This community differentiates itself from similar ones by focusing on core sensibilities. A sense of tradition is very important to property owners in Providence. This area is known for many beautiful parks and trails. This community has a small town theme, and the parks have a very welcoming atmosphere. Visitors may enjoy spending time at Knickerbocker Park. This 15-acre park is a new development. The park offers a baseball field, dog park and picnic areas. I believe this is an interesting place to visit if you’re in Vegas because it offers beautiful views of the Vegas Valley. The Promenade is also very interesting. This area offers residents many community trails to jog through. The trails intertwine, so visitors can switch paths at any time. This area is at the center of Providence, so visitors can use these paths to travel to other areas of the community.

This town has an elementary school, middle school and two high schools. Centennial High School is just a few blocks from the entrance to the community. The Master Homeowners Association handles association fees in Providence. This association is one of the oldest in the United States. The association believes residents should have a variety of unique activities to engage in.

Providence has its own indoor facility called The Place. The Place can be used for recreational activities, but it’s also for exciting events sponsored by the association. Residents of Providence appreciate the fact that the association designs the outside parts of the community to look beautiful. The Centennial Corridor is just a few minutes away from the planned community. I think that this is very convenient because this road quickly connects people to other parts of the Las Vegas area.