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Interesting Facts About the Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain is a community that is strategically located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our neighborhood boasts of state-of-the-art facilities that you will enjoy. The area has a vibrant trail of history that is worth mentioning. For starters, the name originates from the mountain that faces the town in isolation. What’s more, it rises about 600 feet from the ground, making it an outstanding feature. If you are into hiking, jogging and horseback riding, Lone Mountain is the ultimate place for you. In terms of safety, our area is utterly secure for all people. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Academy is found in our location, boosting security.

Fun Activities
You will find the locale impressive since it spurs some exciting activities. You can check out the Lone Mountain Discovery Park that is an ideal place for picnics. Additionally, you can play basketball, hockey, and tennis as well. We have equipped it entirely to ensure that you don’t miss out on the fun. Majesty Park stands out as it comes with a masterpieces softball facility harboring twelve playing fields. There are new developments in our neighborhood and 2020; we will launch the Trigono Hills Park.

Homes and Accommodation
We have an abundance of homes that exhibit various designs ranging from vintage to sophisticated styles. The renowned architect William Ramsey crafted some of the apartments, making our area the best in models. The highlight is that they are spacious with interior décor of aesthetic beauty. When it comes to other forms of accommodation, we provide self-contained hotel rooms. The crowning moment is that they are pocket-friendly and close to the essential social amenities. You can book them online and get considerable discounts to discover excellent sites in Nevada.

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