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Henderson, Nevada: Who Knew Warmth Could be so Cool

Henderson is a city in the southern part of Nevada (several miles southwest of Las Vegas). The city has come to the attention of many for it’s high livability neighborhoods, unique attractions, and comfortable climate. The city hosts one of the only lion habitat ranches in the U.S., and the Lake Las Vegas Resort. 

Great for families and professionals

Henderson boasts a growing collection of communities that rank well on multiple livability scales. You may have even heard of some of our more popular neighborhoods: the Green Valleys (North & South), Black Mountain, Paradise Hills, McCullough Hills and more… The neighborhoods in this part of the state are beautifully arranged, and regularly appear in photographic displays. Our homes are known for being located in areas with very low crime and higher than average quality schools. Most of our residents are young professionals, and our rapid growth is a source for a rising demand for workers. We’re also known for our many parks (more than 60) with all sorts of amenities for families to enjoy.

The Coolest Place in Nevada

Our city is good distance from Las Vegas, but not too far if you ever want to visit the hot high life of the city. Here, we keep it cool with museums, local tours & nature trails (for bikers, hikers, and equestrians). Along with our top quality, locally-sourced restaurants, bars and distilleries, residents of our city enjoy access to the highly rated Rio Secco Golf course (home of the masterful Butch Harmon). We encourage folks to try our Big Horn Wild West Tours (where small groups are driven around famous landmarks in a Hummer) or take their families to our seasonally special Bird Viewing Preserve. There are so many cool things to do in Henderson!