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Technology is always changing and new isn’t always better.  We spend everyday testing, researching, and operating ensuring we supply the very best aerial photography for you and your clients.


Every Sin City Drone aerial photo is taken by a FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot.  It’s the law, and we’re a drone business, so we certainly have it!


At Sin City Drones we believe safety always comes first.  From weather and airspace flight restrictions, to the hardware, firmware, and software on our equipment, we are aviation maintenance and operator professionals.

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History of Aerial Photography

During the history of aviation, people have always been interested in taking a look at the skies above as airplanes do. In fact, the most interesting aspect of this is the fact that aerial photography has been around since the very early days of man’s explorations. One of the most interesting books titled From Above: The True Story of Airplane Photography looks into the fascinating history of aerial photographs. This is an excellent read for anyone who is fascinated with the history of aviation.

In particular, this book takes a close look at how a former airplane photographer captured some incredible images in World War II. As we all know, this war saw a great deal of destruction on a large scale as well as a lot of deaths. Some people say that the aerial photographs of the damage were the only things that made this war possible. Of course, one would never be able to prove if this was true. What we can all agree on is that these pictures provided a lot of proof that the war had been fought with such ease.

However, in order to understand how aerial photography worked during the war, we need to look at the different ways of getting photos of the damage done to the aircraft. In a way, this explains the fact that there were two different methods. For instance, the first would involve flying a plane over enemy territory and shooting down any planes that came to land in the area. The other method involved using the same airplane and sending it back home after collecting the best pictures possible.

Aerial Photography Today

Aerial Photography Today is a field that has many branches and techniques. It has to do with different fields like photography, science, and the military. There are many photographers out there that use high-end high-tech camera and equipment to take aerial photos of the surroundings. There are also many people who hire experts to take aerial photos of the whole city or area for them to use in different types of commercial applications. But of course the more popular method is by the use of Google maps and Google Earth. These two maps have their own features that allow you to see aerial pictures of an entire city in real-time, all from your PC or laptop.

One of the most popular types of aerial photographs that you can get today from Google Earth and Google Maps is the satellite photo. This aerial picture shows the whole city of Chicago from the air, as seen from the ground. All you need to do is to download Google Earth or Google Maps and make sure that you have installed the latest version of the software. You will then need to select an area in your city that you want to scan from the sky. Once you’ve selected a good spot for scanning, just click on the option “Scan for Sky” on Google Earth or “Scan for Satellite images.” The map will show you all of the places where the sky has been scanned and will have information about the areas on the map. You will find that the aerial photograph you’ve found using Google Earth will be very detailed and accurate.

Another way that you can use aerial photographs today is through the use of Google maps and Google Earth. The reason for this is because of how advanced the technology used in the aerial photograph has become over the years. There are new digital imaging systems that are used to scan the sky for the photos that you want to take. This is very easy when you have the latest version of Google Maps and Google Earth installed on your computer. There is no other software to worry about because it all happens automatically with these software programs. If you haven’t already, you should go out and get these two software programs today because they will give you some of the best aerial photography available today. and that’s not something that you can say about most aerial photography techniques from the past.

Viva Las Vegas Photography: Las Vegas Aerial Views of Real Estate

Real estate photography professionals in Las Vegas, NV are venturing out and have discovered Aerial Photography. Due to the mass square footage of the homes in this area this is the best way to capture all that these homes can offer is with an aerial shot form a drone. By using Aerial Photography the clients are able to see all facets of the homes in their selection process. Not only does it make it easy to create a 3D viewing model but the client will not necessarily have to be in Las Vegas NV at the actual showing of the home.

The key is to select a reputable professional for Aerial Photography Las Vegas to ensure that you are going to receive quality work. We must also ensure that the aerial photographer has his FAA licensing because this could lead to a large fine, if done illegally. These photographers can provide you with 360 degree models, drone views of Las Vegas real estate and give a directive of how close that you are to the cities and even casinos. A popular shot is a photo that contains the property along with a Las Vegas NV Aerial view.

Even with the people in the area that are looking to simply move to a different residence that can be a trying task all by itself. By hiring an Las Vegas Aerial Photographer you are able to discover the in’s and out’s of the homes and how it compares to other real estate in the area. To understand the landscape of a potential new home can be a deal winner or breaker for some. An aerial view of Las Vegas NV gives potential buyers perspective on where the property is in relation to the many things the city has to offer. For those families that are looking for more yard space or even less yard space this can tell you exactly what you want to know.  Potential buyers will also get a good idea of the floor plans from looking at overhead pictures.  The Las Vegas NV heat puts most buyers in one of two categories: they want a big yard for a (1) pool or (2) small low maintenance yard.  Once you are able to see the aerial videos that have been created, then you can make a decision on which homes to physically go view and potentially purchase. Your Aerial Real Estate Photography Professional will provide a 360 degree video from a an aerial drone that will allow you to see the luxury homes of your dreams in Las Vegas NV.

So whether you are interested in a Las Vegas, Nevada property or if you are selling a new property, Sin City Drones can provide you with Aerial Photographs that will give you a new perspective.  It takes hard work and knowing the different Las Vegas Nevada locations to ensure you we capture where you real estate listing is and not just its location.  With the help of aerial video we can really bring you to the property.  At the end of the day our aerial drone photography helps people understand what you are selling and where it is.