Residential & Commercial Real Estate are relying more on Drones

UAS at Job Site

The march of technology in the burgeoning area of unmanned drones is still underway. Quite literally, the four or six-propeller small craft you may see every now and then is really taking off. Real estate agents have a new toy to play with that can also be a moneymaker.

Using the new machine on the block

The drone industry is set to make more inroads in the area of housing sales. Agents are discovering the usefulness of being able to get a more complete picture of a property, thanks to the drone. In older days, a real estate agent would walk through a house with his video camera or smartphone in his or her hand. Capturing the ambiance of a unit was the goal. If the agent could present the property well enough to impress the prospect, the video was a success.

Thanks to the drone we now have video from every possible angle. From the inside to the outside and beyond, one of these unmanned miracles can impress in spades. With the right equipment installed on the drone, an agent can not only show all aspects of the house but the surrounding neighborhood as well. Drones are able to do something that was heretofore impossible. The heat leakage of a house or business can now be shown via infrared photography.

Professional agents need to stay on the cutting edge

Selling houses successfully and repeatedly is a wonderful skill. Using new technology to do that should be considered a natural step. Staying ahead of other agents means being able to fly. This is not to mean flying physically, but be able to fly a three to six pound “eye in the sky”. The leading, successful, sellers will soon be flying drones or hiring someone to do it for them.

Let your imagination take you

A good agent is ready to go the extra mile for that sale. Imagine having the ability to show a property from the aspect of a satellite. Now imagine how hard that would be if you had to walk through the creeks and woods of that property to get that done. Can you see how useful a drone is for this task? Also, if there are houses or other artifacts nearby, it will be extremely easy to show a prospect just how close they really are. It will be perfectly clear from the air.

Photographs and videos for the win in today’s culture

Millennials are the new culture to market to. Those born after 1983 grew up with a higher level of technological sophistication than the boomer generation. Millennials are going to understand and enjoy seeing the results of a drone house inspection or flyover. Millennials are tech savvy and use their handheld devices to stay that way. Putting an aerial drone presentation on their smartphone screen is going to make their day.

These new flying machines are now being used as miniature marketing tools to give that ultimate professional touch. An agent can rest assured that they are going the extra mile when they are using a drone to spice up the sale of a home or business.