Real Estate Industry Adopting Drone Technology


The expanding drone industry is taking another one by storm. Real estate agents are adopting this new branch of aerial technology like gangbusters. What is it that makes a drone so useful in selling houses and properties?

The widening world of the drone industry

Seeing a drone in this day and age is no longer a new thing. The remarkableness has already worn off for most people. But this is not the way it is for a professional real estate agent. These new flying machines can be the ticket to a higher-paying career. The unstoppable advancement of technology is already happening in the area of drone technology. A smart agent should be able to advance in his or her own career by making good use of this fact.

The benefit of using a drone

What today’s house buyers want is what most house buyers have always wanted. They want a good price and a good area to live in. While the price is subject to market pressures, the second part is where a drone can be very useful. The real estate agent in times past was likely to do a walk-through of the house, using a video camera or smartphone along the way. This provided a realistic ambiance of how the house would feel if the buyer were actually inside.

But unless the agent was willing to lose a lot of money on a helicopter, there was no way to show the surrounding acreage. This has now changed with the advent of drones. The agent now has a cheap and effective way to not only show the surrounding topology but the nearness of other buildings, creeks, and trees. Anything that would be a positive benefit to the sale can be seen with this three to five-pound unmanned aircraft system, or UAS.

What is involved in getting a piece of the drone action?

An enterprising agent who needs to sell a house or business or acreage needs modern tools. The ability to make a professional impression should be upmost in the mind of true sales leaders. Getting a license to become a drone should be the first step for the agent if they want to do the flying themselves. If not, there are drone pilots who offer this service. Drone owners who are in the career of helping agents are already available. These owners should already be approved by the FAA to do their job as bonafide pilots under Part 107 of FAA regulations.

Some drone agents may want to get in on the fun themselves. In this case, getting a drone with a camera is relatively easy to do. The license to become a pilot is going to be the hardest part of the process.

As most people know, there is no stopping the march of technology. Therefore, getting a drone should be considered the next logical step in the marketing process of selling properties. Today’s culture is accustomed and probably expecting to seeing technology like this being used. Why not give them what they want?