Pricing for Drone Real Estate Photography

Aerial Pool Drone Photo

Information about drone pricing for real estate

I work in Real Estate so what this means is that there are many problems that I run into. Luckily, I found a way to take photos better through the use of drone photography and I looked into different pricing rates. An issue is that it is more than prices.

One interesting fact about the legality of drone photography

In 2010 to 2015 was when drones exploded in popularity. The FAA, also known as federal aviation administration, is there for the registering of drones. All drones today must be registered. Commercial use is different because it requires a Part 107 certification or FAA exemption.

Obtaining the photos for real estate

Photos for real estate is pricey, at least when it comes to drone photography. The photographers charge by the hour or they can charge for the cost of completion. Either way, it takes around 1-5 hours for a complete photo shoot. One company that offers photos of homes with a drone charges $250 for the task. What is standard in pricing is a flat rate for 14 photos plus a video with a drone.

The pricing changes when additional services are requested. As the packages get better, the photos become more in depth. Some people would want a complete photo shoot and others could go for an in depth walk through service. An in depth walk through service is when a drone records a video of the housing property. Interior and exterior photos is available which shows how serious this business is. The price goes up 80% for HDR photos. That shows how much more it costs to receive a package with the most adds on than the standard rate of $250. There aren’t any hidden fees when it comes to some companies.

Standard delivery creates a peace of mind.

One of the most important thing to know is how fast it will be until all the photos will be received. Companies and photographers who use a drone to take photos of a home usually take 5 days for the final product to be sent out to the customer. Other times, a standard shipping speed of 24 hours for all packages is available. It is not a rare case to find many of the companies that send out their photos in 4 days and charge extra for a fast delivery of 1-2 days.

Different companies offer different things

When photos are taken from cool angles of the house then cost is a big factor. Most times, companies may charge extra for additional services or may not charge a flat rate for a basic package. Basic packages for example, can include 14 photos or 1 video. The company that charges one flat rate for a selected package is called HomeJab. HomeJab is unique in their flat rates and this is the company that returns the completed project in 24 hours.