New Heights for Real Estate thanks to Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Drone Roof Picture
Advancements in drone technology are making inroads into real estate. Better than a walk through, a drone can view properties from all angles. Having a complete view is a distinct advantage with this new tool. This is one of the reasons why drone use is expanding in the real estate and commercial building industries.

Unprecedented coverage

In times past, an agent who wanted to sell a house would use their smartphone or video camera and walk through a property to explain the finer details. The agent would hope to capture the ambiance of the property for their prospect. This was a limited tactic. 
Drones can now do this task and more. Instead of climbing a ladder or hiring a helicopter pilot, a small drone is now the trick. They do the inside coverage of the residential or commercial property as well. This tiny flying machine is unparalleled in its ability to recreate the surroundings of any property.

An industry that is growing quickly

The drone industry has grown from $2 billion in 2016 to a projected $127 billion by next year. This is a balloon effect created by new lower prices from years gone by. Laws have also been put into effect in many places to define the limits of these new drone pilots. 
Both the government and private sectors have adopted drone technology in a big way. With the new attention that the drone industry has attained it is easier than ever to find a drone pilot for some remarkable photography work.

Drones are becoming the norm

Project managers of construction companies are sometimes being required to learn how to fly a drone. The excellent coverage and ease of use of these flying cameras have become popular enough to warrant this change. The drone helps the job to be done the right time, saving money for the company. 
For example, the size of dirt piles can more easily be gauged from the air with aerial photography. This allows a project manager to track a project and its costs with higher accuracy. Because of this usefulness, drone usage on construction sites has already spread to places like Pennsylvania.

Piloting schools are popping up

There are now real estate drone training courses available. After getting a license an agent can now find courses to become proficient in offering this superior service. Getting the right drone, complying with part 107 of the FAA license, editing videos, and more are now taught. 

This is probably the most telling fact of the large growth in the drone industry. All the important details can be learned to create a remarkable presentation and close a sale. Learning to show a prospect what it feels like to walk up and into a house on a residential sale is now possible. 

A drone is a perfect tool to do this

The march of technology will not be stopped. The drone industry is a perfect example of this. As these flying machines continue to take control, residential and commercial properties will no doubt be positively affected. Being able to impress a prospective buyer is key to closing sales. 

Saving money on construction costs is also an important factor for builders. These facts will keep the drone a positive force for good in the near future for those who know how to use them.