Is there an ROI for Drones in Real Estate Marketing?

Drone Services


Currently, drones appear to be very worth it for the real estate world. For example, it has been found that homes with aerial photography tend to sell almost 70 percent faster than those without.

Other Benefits of Drones in Real Estate

It used to be that photographing the exterior of the home in of itself was a lengthy process. It involved a professional photographer who was asked to shoot the house from every angle. Drones have more or less eliminated that. However, even they usually require someone, called a drone pilot, who knows how to control them well. They have also eliminated the need for a whole album of photos to be put together since they’re digital, they’re also more clear and concise.


If you decide to invest in a drone yourself, they tend to be very expensive. You will also need to check the legal regulations in your area. It’s a good idea to notify the neighbors as well since drones are fairly loud. Those who have small children or pets may need to make special accommodations as both might either be sensitive to the noise or want to chase after it. In most areas, it’s also illegal to fly them more than 150 feet away from the property’s perimeters.

What Other Legal Regulations are There?

Always make sure that your drone pilot is FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)- and UAS(Unmanned Aircraft Systems)licensed. Or, make sure you obtain both if you’re going to use them yourself. This not only ensures that everyone knows what they’re doing, it also prevents you or the pilot from getting charged for illegal operation. The FAA in particular is not afraid to slap high fines on those who try to operate drones without being licensed with them. Drone pilots are also required to have liability insurance covering up to $100,000 in case of accidental property damage.

Should My Drone Pilot Have Any Experience

Make sure that your drone pilot at least has a demo reel on their website. Not all have the same standards or charge the same prices so you will need to find someone who measures up to your standards and budget. Most drone pilots don’t get a lot of nice and smooth pictures overnight so they typically need a lot of practice at both still shots and operating the camera.

What About the Interior?

Yes, you’re welcome to have a drone film the interior as well. That’s the one place you can do so without a license because the FAA does not consider interior to be navigable. However, you or your drone pilot will be dealing with some serious potential hurdles. First, the drone pilot needs to make sure that the GPS is switched off to avoid unstable flight. Secondly, you or pilot may want to fly it only in certain parameters or cage it during the session.


Drones may come with certain risks and require a certain degree of liability coverage. However, the benefits definitely appear to outweigh the disadvantages. Again, there’s obviously no point in doing it the old-fashioned way when drones are much faster and more accurate.