Drones are changing the way you buy Real Estate

Drone During Preflight
Customers are always looking for those special details that set one house apart from another. This is to be expected, especially given how important finding a new home can be. In that regard, the more details that a real estate can give them the better, making a drone that much more important to a real estate agent.

What It Tells You

There is no question that drones are changing how sales are made and that changes how customers look for homes. Drone photography allows you to get a very good idea of the whole property; the drone can approach every foot of the property and thus allow exacting inspection of that property. It can also allow you to check out the property very quickly, especially if you are on foot.

Drones can fly quickly over the property but they can also stop and focus on specific areas. That photography can be used to inspect problem areas in order to better decide how to decide to deal with those areas. At the same time, that same videography can be used to focus on stronger areas, such as a view, in order to see some of the better areas. This allows you to plan not only repairs and general refurbishment, but also how to determine how to best use the area. The best example of this is a family pool; the drone can be used to look for the best area for a pool as well as determining the best way to approach that area. This applies to any potential project.

The Advantages To The Customer

This means that it is far more easy to get a good feel for the property, both its strengths and its weaknesses. This is should not be seen as a bad thing, but rather the opportunity to determine if the cost to work on those areas is worth the price. A real estate is less able to hide those areas, giving you a minor advantage in the sell. By the same token, this also means that you can see the advantages of that property as well, giving you a reason to pursue that property.

This means that drones are making it better for customers, as they are able to engage agents on a more equal footing. The photography allows customers a chance to see both the strengths and weaknesses of the property, allowing customers to determine if the price is worth it and to determine how much they are willing to fight for the property. In general, the drone videography makes the job easier for both customers and agent, making a deal that much easier as well.

All of this means that a drone gives you more information and more information when you are looking for a new home is always a good thing. While this does not mean that you should discount an agency without some sort of drone footage, it does mean that you should ask if it is available. It is a great tool and one that you should definitely avail yourself of when available.