Drones are changing Construction and Real Estate | Find out how

Property Drone Pictures

To Drone or Not to Drone

So like anything else technology seems to be taking over our world at a rapid pace and it can be overwhelming and scary at times.  It seems like we need to keep teaching ourselves so we can keep up with the rapid change in today’s world.  So first we will talk about real estate, over the years things have progressed a lot, there are more options than just going to an open house or scheduling a walk through to see the inside.  Now we have all been there where we drive by the outside of a house and wonder if the inside looks as good.  And by using technology available today we don’t have to wonder.  Simply by using drones to get more advanced pictures of the outside of a listing property you will be able to get a visual of above the site, as if you were in a low flying airplane above the property.

A drone is simply photography in the air with this information it will give the real estate agent a much better idea of what they are dealing with and how to list the property.  When deciding to use a drone for your agency you can either buy a 500 dollar drone and learn all of the regulations and rules as there is still limited air time for drone’s or you can hire a Certified remote pilot also known as aerial photography.  They will fly the drone and make you a HD video for you which can serve as a virtual tour nowadays clients are looking for interactive and realistic. By using this process you can reach a larger market, the better the visual tour the better your chances of reaching a broader audience looking to buy. 

And another changing industry is the construction industry they use aerial photography they get a better picture for surveying land this reduces the labor and time also eliminates human error.  When drones are used it will provide data faster allowing the company to work faster and complete jobs sooner.  Using a drone to gather data can increase bids for new jobs by having access to the data the company can cut costs by completing the job sooner and moving on to the next.  Yet another plus to using this is it can increase and give better security for the job sites.

All in all new technology can be very intimidating and very useful at the same time, the more we learn the better chance we have to compete with our competition.  Most of time and with the right resources.  If your a licensed drone operator or willing to get your certification it would be a great time to take advantage of all the new available opportunities today.