Drone Photos and Videos in Real Estate

Commercial Drone Photographer
Real estate agents look for every possible advantage that they can find. Clients have requested better views of the property that they are looking at and some agents have responded by using drone photography to give them those extra views. Given the advantage in sales that it gives, others have begun looking into it as well. 

Why You Need Aerial Pictures

Customers are becoming more aware of what it means to be a homeowner, and as such are tending to be a little more nervous about buying a home, especially a first home. Real estate agents are finding that by doing what they can to satisfy their questions are finding that they are selling homes just a little faster. Drone photography has become a great way to show the home from as many angles as possible, making clients more comfortable with their potential purchase. In fact, real estate agents who use drone photography to sell homes 68% faster than other agents.
While there are many advantages of real estate drone photography for sales, it usually comes down to showing the home in the best possible light. Drone video allows a real estate agent to show just how big a property is as well as showing any additional features of that property. This allows the agent to show off the pool, the backyard, and even part of any adjoining features such as woods or a beach. The client is able to see the entire property which answers questions far more effectively than mere words.

How It Helps You Sell

Drone photography is a great selling tool. It can be uploaded and become part of an MLS listing; for those that know how effective 360-degree photography can be an aerial view can be even more effective. The effects of real estate drone photography on a sale can be dramatic. After all, it can show areas that an earthbound photographer just cannot show; drone photography can even explore the property and thus show a client some of the special features that can only be seen from the air, providing the client features that he could not be seen from any other angle.
Drone video allows a client to inspect the property on a whole different level than regular photography; the client can is just better able to become more comfortable with the property and create a bond to that property. That bond can sway a client towards a sale more easily. As such, a real estate drone easily becomes an indispensable selling tool, making the sale that much easier. Again, if regular photography is a necessity for any real estate agent, a drone is one that should be undervalued when it comes to its selling power.
Pictures are worth a thousand words. By using photography to show as many views of a property as possible, real estate agents are able to convert those pictures to dollars, and aerial views definitely help sell properties. The agent just needs to find the right photographer and selling homes becomes that much easier.