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Aviation Nation NAFB

If you have ever thought about visiting the famous City of Lights, but wanted to do something other than gamble, well I’m here today to share with you a place I would recommend stopping by and exploring. Let’s not waste any time here and get straight into it.

Nellis Air Force Base – Air Show

Once a year the Nellis Air Force Bass holds an air show to honor all of America’s veterans. This event is free to the public. That’s a major plus, because there is so much to see.They have buses that take you straight from Las Vegas Motor Speedway straight to the event. At this event you can experience, veterans who talk about their roles in the military, you will get to see many different types of flyers, also they have a combined arms demo, and not only do they have the show in the air, but on the ground as well. This air show is usually held in mid November each year. The Nellis Air Force Base – Air Show is one of the largest air shows in the United States. This is the main training base for the air force, so you can expect to see every type of aircraft here. During the air show you can expect to see traditional and modern air crafts. They have air crafts starting from World War 2 all the way through till today. You can see how much technology has evolved from then till now. This year was the 70th anniversary of the Nellis Air Force Base – Air Show. The Thunderbirds paid a glorious tribute to this spectacular event this year. One that will be talked about for a while, after all it is their home base. Let’s just say you have never seen an air show like this ever. I strongly suggest anyone who ever wants to visit this glorious City of Lights to attend this event.


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